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Small or medium business with little to spend but know how important brand awareness is right now?

Priceless Productions has streamlined a way to shoot high quality online videos for small targeted Facebook campaigns for your business. All in the hope to save as many businesses as possible during this time.

We work together on a script, showcase your business, film you on a Hollywood grade camera, professionally edited and deliver you a 1-3 minute video commercial for online.


Plus, we use 10% of the purchase to create a targeted Facebook campaign aimed at your target market.

$750 + Gst

$̶3̶8̶0̶0̶ ̶+̶ ̶G̶S̶T̶


  • We send you a script template, you must write out the message you want to send potential clients.

  • Film 5 minutes minimum of footage of your business for B-roll. ie; Shots of street, front of shop, close up of sign, walking around the store, products, staff waving, etc.

  • Come to our pop-up studio in Richmond, VIC for 1 hour shoot where we'll calm you for the camera. We have a TV show director to help you through presenting on camera - it's easy, don't worry!

  • We'll edit it over the next fews days.

  • Create an audience on Facebook and throw 10% of the purchase behind boosting the content.

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